Tardy Policy Helpful, but Problematic

By: Rocio Servin Last year’s tardy policy was basically based of first and fifth periods, but over 175 tardies last year resulted in a change of policy. The new policy is now based off of if you’re late to three classes in a week you serve detention, regardless of which periods. It’s helpful because school is like a job, we may not get paid with … Continue reading Tardy Policy Helpful, but Problematic

Stars, Students Respond to Harvey

By: Orlando Lomas When disaster strikes there is usually someone there to help; so when millions lost their homes in Houston, it wasn’t a surprise when people started sending support to those affected. And it just so happens a vast portion of help is coming from some of the world’s biggest celebrities. First Kevin Hart started by donating $15,000 to assist victims of hurricane Harvey. … Continue reading Stars, Students Respond to Harvey

Taylor Swift vs. KimYe

By Yurisia Guerrero I am sure we all remember the 2009 MTV VMA’s, when Kanye West interrupted T-Sway’s speech after receiving her award. Kanye did call Taylor and apologized for the interruption. In 2010, when Taylor released her album “Speak Now” containing the song “innocent”. When Taylor performed that song in the 2010 MTV VMA’s she allegedly dissed Kanye. Since then T-Sway and Kanye have … Continue reading Taylor Swift vs. KimYe

Orchestra Offers a Powerful Experience

By Yulissa Gomez Orchestra has been around for years! More precisely, musicians started forming into combinations that turned into the modern orchestra 400 years ago. Here at Carter we have our own orchestra; the teacher is Mr. Powell, and he has been teaching this subject for 11 years now.  Powell explains that the most popular instrument is the violin. Melissa Gomez, a varsity orchestra player, … Continue reading Orchestra Offers a Powerful Experience

Varsity Volleyball Wins Big!

By: Abigail Moreno On August 26, 2017 our varsity volleyball Lady Eagles took 1st place at the Molina Varsity Tournament. They went head to head with Hirschi High School to determine the victorious team. In the end Carter-Riverside Eagles came home with a triumph. The score that had determined it all: 25-19. According to Malia Merriman (a team member) : “[She] thought that [they] were physically … Continue reading Varsity Volleyball Wins Big!